John Heskett and Nanna Ditzel (both jury)

Conversations on Design

In 2013, John Heskett was interviewed about a variety of design subjects covering most of his area of work and interest.

The conversations were conducted by Simona Maschi (CIID), Nille Juul-Sørensen (Danish Design Centre) and Kigge Hvid (INDEX: Design to Improve Life®) and were filmed at the Design Society in Copenhagen, Denmark, and in John and Pamela’s home in Hove (Brighton), England.

These conversations have been turned into 11 videos that can be seen below.

1. John Heskett: Where I came from

John Heskett talks about his childhood and about who influenced his work.

2. John Heskett: Writing Industrial Design

John Heskett tells the story of how and why he wrote the book Industrial Design.

3. John Heskett: The Values of Design

John Heskett talks about the very different values of design.

4. John Heskett on design in South East Asia

John Heskett talks about design in South East Asia, how it influenced his work, and how it inspired him.

5. John Heskett: Europe and Design

John Heskett talks about design and Europe – and his experiences from working with design in Europe.

6. John Heskett: Design policy, systemic change and Germany

John Heskett talks about design policy, systemic changes, and design in Germany – and how it inspired and informed him.

7. John Heskett: A definition of design and design as a process

John Heskett talks about how he defines design.

8. John Heskett: Design and Business

John Heskett talks about the relationship between design and business.

9. John Heskett: Design education (Part 1)

John Heskett talks about design education and education in design.

10. John Heskett: Design education (Part 2)

John Heskett talks about design education and design in education, with a focus on the makers movement and incremental innovation.

11. John Heskett: Outtake and not being a designer

John Heskett talks about not being a designer and about working with design.