Industrial Design.
Thames & Hudson, 1980

John Heskett’s highly original, broadly based approach shows the diverse forces that shape the forms surrounding us: The creativity of designers and design teams, technical innovations, economic and social pressures, and the simultaneous and conflicting demands for continuity and change.


Design in Germany 1870-1918
Trefoil, 1986


Philips: A Study of Corporate management of Design
Trefoil, 1989


Toothpicks & Logos
Design in Everyday Life
Oxford University Press, 2002

John Heskett examines architecture, multimedia, computers, and the role of government in influencing design trends, offers fascinating insights into how companies approach design and shows an exciting vision of what design can offer us in the future.


Design: A Very Short Introduction
Oxford University Press, 2002

John Heskett wants to transform the way we think about design by showing how integral it is to our daily lives, from the spoon we use to eat our breakfast cereal, and the car we drive to work in, to the medical equipment used to save lives.


Designed in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Design Centre, 2004

On the basis of his long relationship to South East Asia, John Heskett looks into the profound change from Made in Hong Kong to Designed in Hong Kong.